Area 51 of the United States is no longer mysterious.

The story of the American block is always a mysterious existence, such as the violent block and the 51st block. Today I will introduce Dajia to Area 51. Its existence has always been a mystery, which is also related to its long-term closure. There are even many creepy stories circulating in this area, which can be seen in most American science fiction movies. Speaking of which, I believe that countless science fiction fans would like to see the real situation in Area 51! Then let's find out. 

Area 51 (Area 51), an area located in southern Nevada, USA, has an air force base stationed there, and is 130 kilometers away from downtown Las Vegas. The US government in this area claims to secretly develop and test new Air Force aircraft, but the more this is, the more people doubt the existence of numerous UFOs in this area and the more unspeakable secrets. Among them, the restricted area is also full of doubts. A zone 51 considered to be an air base, the 7093-meter runway has been kept closed. Are they deliberately hiding something? There are a lot of things related to aliens here. In addition, when it became a test site for military nuclear weapons in 1950, people are more willing to call this a "research base for aliens" without knowing it. I don't think this is too much!

Finally, under pressure, the CIA first revealed the secrets of District 51 in 2013, but there was no follow-up. But they gave some bans, and this area has been listed as a no-fly zone. It has been found that the consequences are at your own risk. The unexpected thing is that this location cannot be found on the map, but today Google Maps can still be found here, but what is the use of that. It is not difficult to find around this area. There are red warning signs and warning lines everywhere, and there are warning signs that scare the scared people. It ’s okay to go to the district as much as possible, unless you have a pass and you are senior management.

In the final analysis, what attracts people is not the weapon inside, but whether the inside is the alien anatomy institute. The "green house" in Area 51 is a striking place, because it is reminiscent of the scene of dissecting corpses in a metal house with various metal appliances. And, most coincidentally, the irregularly shaped aircraft is still on the side. Residents nearby have also reported that the ground here often feels a strong sense of earthquake on the ground. Although this is also a message passed from person to person, it is fear that adding oil and vinegar in the process of communication will make this matter more complicated, and the official has not given any reply.

Recently, some people claimed that there is a group of 51 photos taken by drones, and also said that the secret of the 51 area is just that, no longer mysterious. According to the photos provided by him, you can clearly see the specific situation of the entire 51 area, but what about that, can you take it in the room? Besides, the above is a no-fly zone. How did your unmanned aerial camera do it? Some people think that this picture will be assembled by yourself. Although there are all kinds of sayings, they all come from personal imagination, and there is no theory to support your point of view. In general, it is impossible to thoroughly understand Area 51. After all, even the President of the United States is not very clear about Area 51. What we can do is continue to maintain the spirit of exploration that will never give up.

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