Search Engine optimization How to Optimize you website on google search engine .

Search Engine optimization How to Optimize you website on google search engine .

So many people's thinks similar questions
What does Google SEO mean? What is the use of Google SEO ranking? How to do Google website optimization in English? Should Google optimize itself or outsource it to SEO companies? What is the right price for Google SEO outsourcing or training? Is it effective to find a certain Google SEO company to optimize rankings? Can you recommend me a reliable Google SEO company or training company?

No more searching, the Google SEO ranking optimization questions you want to know all are here.

Because many friends are new to the website SEO, so this article will start from what is Google SEO and the benefits of Google SEO optimization. Students who already know Google rankings can skip it and focus on it. How to do Google SEO optimization and how to choose Google SEO optimization company if outsourcing.

What is Google SEO?

I don’t want to talk too much here. I ’ll try to make it as simple as possible to let the novice understand: Google SEO and Google optimization are the same thing. To put it bluntly is to improve the ranking of the website in Google, such as customers searching for a keyword in Google. At that time, your website ranked 100th, and later, you through a series of operations, the website from the 100th to fifth place, this is Google optimization, this series of operations is the Google SEO optimization Tips for use. If you want to see the detailed definition, you can refer to wikipedia: Google Optimization.

What is the role of Google SEO?
What is the benefit of SEO?

Knowing what Google SEO is, we should want to get the effect of Google's ranking optimization! Obviously, when your site ranks in the top 100 of Google, almost no one will see your site. At this time, no matter how good your site is, it ’s useless to lock up with the beauty in the house Can't wait for the handsome guy. But if you use a series of Google optimization techniques to rank the website on the Google homepage, so that everyone who searches for keywords can see it in the first place, will inquiry and order still be a problem?

Of course, the comparison can better Google SEO benefits and advantages:

Nowadays, most foreign trade enterprises still rely on platforms and exhibitions to develop customers, but there are two fatal problems with platforms and exhibitions:

One is that the cost is too high, and the other is that the competition is too fierce. For example,

the investment of ordinary foreign trade companies on the platform is basically about 20w a year, and there are also hundreds of thousands and millions of people in the year. Not to mention the exhibition, it takes at least tens of thousands of pieces to participate in one exhibition. As for competition, hundreds of results will appear on any product you search on Alibaba. Everyday customers are just that. Your price and quality are not dominant. Why do customers choose you from so many hundreds of choices? Not to mention the exhibition, there are more exhibitors than interested customers, and there are not many students who throw money at the exhibition. Relatively speaking, Google optimization investment is much smaller, and the competition is far less intense.

 More importantly, Google also has several very important advantages:

First of all, foreigners are more inclined to use Google to search for products, factories, and suppliers than platforms, so Google can get much more trac than platforms and exhibitions.

Secondly, what you do at Google is an independent website. You can adjust the website at will according to your ideas, let it perfectly display the advantages of enterprises and products, and maximize the marketing function of the website. The excellent website and unremitting SEO optimization packaged itself into a big brand, so the order was continuous and the profit was full. This is impossible for you to do on the platform. Even if you modify it, you can't do without the framework of the platform station. Even if it is beautified, it is dicult to exceed the other competitors.

Finally, on platforms such as Ali, if you do n’t renew, you will have nothing. But at Google, as long as you optimize the rankings, as long as there are no particularly big problems, your rankings are almost stable.

How to do Google optimization?

Is it better to outsource Google optimization to SEO companies or do it yourself? Regarding this issue, My suggestion is: do it yourself!

At present, most domestic Google SEO companies are not mature, or the technology is too old. The technologies used now are effective 5 or 6 years ago, but with the Google Panda algorithm With the update of the Dolphin algorithm, these technologies have long been declared obsolete. Now using these technologies, there is a certain chance that the website will get a good ranking in the short term, but in 90% of the cases, the ranking will be completely lost in the next month. Using this method of operation, there may be a lot of luck in dozens of websites, the rankings even went up, but the rest is definitely time-consuming and labor-intensive but can not get a little benefit.

Moreover, there are still such drawbacks in SEO companies: website optimization batch operation, process operation, no matter what website, optimization operation is to go through the process, even if the process is finished, the ranking is not a destiny.

This is actually the inevitable development of the industry. This stage still belongs to the initial stage of the development of the foreign trade SEO industry. There are many customers in demand, and many companies are too busy to receive customers. How can they think about refined operations? !

Nowadays, SEO companies with a small scale have hundreds of customers, but there are dozens of technicians, and dozens of websites are operated by one technology. Naturally, they have no time and energy to conduct detailed analysis and planning for each website. Not to mention the targeted optimization, you can only go through the program, and even many of them do n’t even go through the program. When you first pay, you buy some links and leave them directly behind, even if you do n’t care. As for whether the original promise can be fulfilled, I am sorry, that is what the business promised to you. The business does not understand technology, that is his understanding.

 How to operate the SEO optimization of the website yourself?

Google SEO optimization technology is actually not dicult, but it is relatively trivial, there are more details that need attention, and more practical experience is required. So in a word, everyone can master it through certain study and practice.

To learn Google SEO, some of the most basic programmatic things you must first understand:

First of all, Google SEO is divided into two parts: on-site and off -site. On-site SEO mainly includes planning keywords into text content and doing a good user experience according to the rules of SEO. Off-site SEO main external chain construction and off-site drainage.

Secondly, Google SEO should start with five parts:

Keyword finishing

English SEO site planning

External chain construction

English SEO tools (keyword tools, competitor website analysis tools, external link tools, webmaster tools, etc.) learning

miscellaneous (server side, various code aspects, website plug-in aspects, black hat Aspects, security)

For these five parts of learning, you need to master not the theory but specific operations, but do n’t worry, the original intention of a whole blog is to explain to you step by step the details of Google ’s optimization skills, which is also What Teacher Yiquan has been doing has actually covered a lot in the previous article, and the keyword topic is basically explained. Regarding keyword organizing, you can look directly here and learn from here: the ultimate guide to keyword discovery and selection. In the future, after finishing part of the lecture, I will put the content you should learn according to the learning steps and put it here, then everyone will follow the tutorial to learn by themselves.

Finally, not only do we have to learn how to do English SEO, we must also master one or two about the theory and knowledge of SEO, here I recommend to you a few English SEO introductory books: "SEO practical password", "SEO art" and " Into the search engine.

Finally, insert a few words. With the continuous updating of Google ’s algorithms and the

continuous improvement of the overall quality of Google ’s website, it is now increasingly
dicult to operate Google ’s ranking in English. Transformation is an inevitable trend. This
is dicult for English SEO companies to do. Therefore, the mainstream of the future should
be the operation of their own company ’s website. This shifts from more and more foreign

SEO companies ’main business to operation training on behalf of the company. It can be

seen. Therefore, if you want to do a good job of optimizing Google and relying on Google SEO to

get orders, you must study hard.

Other method to improve your website ranking.

1. Choose the perfect keywords so that Google can find you

Keywords are the core of SEO . The keywords tell Google who you are and what you did.

To come up with the best keywords, please position yourself as a customer. What would you search to find your product? Maybe it is "NikeT-shirt" or "prom dress".

When choosing keywords, there is an optimal point. It is dicult to rank a wide range of keywords, such as "shoes" because the largest retailers dominate. On the other hand, niche key phrases like "purple Velcro (brand name) shoes" will not get enough search volume. Try something in the middle, such as entering the brand name of the shoes "name + shoes".

Choosing the right words and phrases is a science. I will write a detailed article on keyword selection later. sold Searchers you want to actually buy things.
2.  Choose keywords or phrases that are actually sold

Suppose you sell handmade jewelry on a shopyy stand-alone station. People searching for "handmade jewelry" may look for information to make jewelry. You are not interested in those people.

You want a customer who wants to buy handmade jewelry. Try to modify your keywords or phrases to include effective words such as "buy", "best", and "cheap".

Find keywords or phrases that suggest purchase intentions.

3. Put these keywords in all correct places

Once you have keywords, it's time to put them where Google will find them.

Shopyy has five key positions to place your keywords:

1. Your page title

This is the title that will appear on the Google results page.

Notice how this store puts the key phrase 'wood sunglasses' in front of the store name? That's because more people are looking for "wooden sunglasses". Consider describing your store in the title.

Go to Interface> SEO Settings.

Pro Tip: Try to make your title a call-to-action. Think of it as a compelling title. Learn how House

of Fraser uses an effective CTA: "Buy a watch online"

2. Meta description

The meta description is a short introduction shown below the title. Again, put your keywords here but try to make them descriptive and attractive. This is your chance to convince customers to click.

Make sure that each page has a different meta description. Again, go to Interface> SEO Settings.


3. Image description and Alt tags

Google is very smart, but it still can't see pictures of red socks. You must tell Google that this is a red sock. To do this, please add "red sock" to the product title name before uploading.

SHOPYY will automatically add ALT tags to all pictures related to the product

Make the picture descriptive and include your keywords. Now, Google can find it, read it and rank it.

4. Title and title (H1 tag)

Your title is one of the first places where Google views the content of your website. Make sure your product pages all contain descriptive headlines, and do n’t forget to include your keywords.

Mainstream search engines all value the text information in the H1 tag. A good H1 will help improve keyword ranking and increase page weight

The H1 tag is visible, not hidden to the user. Too many occurrences of the H1 title will be considered as cheating by the search engine and be demoted

The H1 of the SHOPYY website is mainly used for core content such as articles, commodities, and special topics.

5. Product description and copy

Always include keywords in product descriptions to help Google find your page. You must write unique and exciting product descriptions.

Don't just copy the manufacturer's description because-very likely-the copy is pasted already on the Internet, Google hates copying it. In addition, your description is likely to show your own intonation and convince customers to make a purchase.

4. Use internal links to connect your pages and content

In addition to keywords, links are a basic ranking factor for SEO. First use internal links throughout the site. Link to your product page from the homepage. Set up category links and link to products in your blog.

The more connections you have to your website, the better Google will know about your store and its products. Think of it as the foundation or backbone of your website.

5. Create a backlink for Shopyy store

To rank your store, Google will check which other websites link to you. Google uses an algorithm based on the number of links and permissions to link to your website to determine your score.

For example, if the Wall Street and New York Times websites link to your product, Google knows that you must have some real authority, so you will rank higher.

There are countless ways to generate links back to Shopyy stores. Sending a press release helps cover the blog and provides a link back to your website. Guest posts that provide blogs in your niche will also get links, and you can also mention product links in the blog to get product page trac. You can also email the website directly and ask them to view or link to your product.

Pro Tip: Never buy links, use link exchange. Google uses these technologies to search websites. You are looking for natural link behavior.

6. Encourage customer reviews

Google likes unique content, regular updates and evidence of high user activity and satisfaction. Customer reviews tick each box and help generate more sales. Win-win.

SHOPYY JSON-LD helps search engines get personalized impressions

JSON-LD is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data. It is a method based on JSON representation and transmission of interconnected data (Linked Data). The website data captured by search engines is often based on the analysis of text information. The core content of the page. For example, it is impossible to understand that the page is about vertical data such as products and reviews. JSON-LD is equivalent to telling search engines that the current webpage is about product information (price, name, inventory), review information (score, number of reviews), etc. The introduction of structured data JSON-LD will be very helpful for crawlers to crawl pages Core data, and present a better highlighted personalized search display, help to get more click-through rate and trac

For example: After the SHOPYY product detail page is included, the search engine displays the effect:


7. Set the redirection of the old product page

Any online store will eventually be out of stock or discontinued. If the item is deleted, any links to the product will now direct the customer to the error page. Google hates error pages, it will increase your bounce rate (another factor Google sees).

Instead, set a redirect from the old product page to the new product page. simple.

How is this done.

In the shopyy shop background, find the configuration "developer options" custom file to add a jump link.

8.Use the blog function!

Content and blogs are very useful for SEO. This is an opportunity to attract more keywords and generate a lot of backlinks and trac for Shopyy stores. It also allows people to stay longer on your website (ideal for search engine optimization) and direct customers to your products.

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